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We’ve got a saying: “Because doing it alone is masturbation at best, depression at worst.” Because when you’re striking it out on your own—as a freelancer, a creative, an independent, a small business owner, or anyone else trying to be unconventional in a conventional world—it can be absolutely maddening. Worse, however, is the feeling of never being understood—not by your friends, not by your spouse, not by the people you grew up with. And who do you go to for advice? This is why Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends started: We’re a private online mastermind of creatives, business owners and big thinkers, led by award-winning blogger, writer, and CEO Ash Ambirge, giving you a place to feel seen, ask for advice, vent your frustrations, share recommendations, get inspiration and have real-talk #MASKOFF moments…together.

It's like having an army of wise, older sisters—except we don't *really* need to share our age, cough, cough, a-hem.

Where else can you post for advice on what to charge a client…and actually get it? Or how about when you need a web designer, and you’re looking for referrals? Or maybe you’re feeling down in the dumps because you can’t get your head into the game (again) and you’re starting to wonder how anyone else gets themselves out of a funk. Whatever’s going on, your Unf*ckwithable Girlfriends are on-call…and listening. Every day Girlfriends are posting about their tips, their best advice (including #TEACHABLETHURSDAYS), their struggles, their questions, their ideas, their experiences—and even their big wins. And the best part? We’ve got a no-promotions rule that everyone loves, because it means we can just focus on what we’re here for: Real talk, with real girlfriends, about business + unconventional living.


Get expert #GIRLTALK business advice on Tuesdays, offered by founder Ash Ambirge, and our HEY, GIRL, HEYYYYY peer-to-peer business advice on Fridays, where one of our girlfriends is teaching YOU everything she knows.

As an Unf*ckwithable Girlfriend, you can regularly submit your own questions and struggles privately to our exclusive #GIRLTALK column every Tuesday, or volunteer to teach your fellow girlfriends something on Friday! From getting the courage to put yourself out there, to knowing when to quit, to creating more cash flow to figuring out how to handle the hard stuff, and so much more, we’ll stand together, hand-in-hand, doing the best we can to be better every single day. (Sign up as a Girlfriend now and get the last 3 #GIRLTALK columns sent over to your email immediately. Fist bump for instant gratification!)

And don't forget about the perks. (Not a creepy breast reference.)

Because what are girlfriends for? You’ll get an automatic 25% off select workshops, courses, products and events offered by Ash Ambirge’s flagship creative company, The Middle Finger Project, as well as private invites to online pow wows in places like London, Lake Como, Amsterdam and New York.



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I just wanted to say that even though we’ve never met in real life, I really love, admire and appreciate all of you. I found out my tribe existed. I’m so grateful for this group and all your participation and helpfulness and just good will that you all are spreading here. It’s been so inspiring for me to be here with you all and you’ve really helped inspire me to come out of my shell more and be more brave in life and in business. I’m really excited moving forward and it means the world to me to know that I have this amazing group of REAL, brilliant girlfriends I can lean on! Also, Ash’s work has helped me figure out how to implement my ideas and knowing you all exist helped me find the confidence to put it out there! This has meant everything.
Natalia Amari

*Girlfriends Subscription does not include:Free llamas, Domino's Pizza (of any size), prayers, guarantees, paisley-patterned patchwork quilts, raisins, ruffles, toupee advice, relationship advice, parking advice, or legal advice of any kind.