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300+ downloadable scripts for doing business like a boss

Charm prospects. Ask for money. Handle difficult clients. Set your boundaries. Get that testimonial. Manage screw-ups. And sounding like you’ve been doing this whole business thing? For years.

You don’t have to be a smooth talker
to sound like one.




When you speak with power, you get respected.  And respected people are those who effortlessly get the gig, artfully make the money, and have better hair than you (probably).  Everything you say (or don’t say) makes a statement about who you are, how much you should be paid, and whether you’re worth it.

Make sure you’re making the right statements.

With the ability to choose from two different language profiles for each and every script—professional and straight laced, or casual and personality-filled—you can mix and match the language to say exactly what you mean – exactly as you’d say it. Only better.

Love, Business Owner

An exclusive collection of over 300+ professionally produced, downloadable business script templates for every occasion—from selling new clients to handling unruly ones; managing contractors and heeling the haters and more—designed to electrocute your words confidence…even when you aren’t feeling so confident.

The Signature Script Collections

  • PROSPECTS COLLECTION| Inquiries, proposals, negotiations, and closing
  • CLIENT COLLECTION | Scope creep, asking for money, and saying the hard stuff
  • CONTRACTORS & EMPLOYEES COLLECTION | Hiring, firing & screwing up
  • BUSINESS PARTNER COLLECTION |When hard things need to be said
  • NETWORKING & COLLEAGUE COLLECTION | Referrals & promotions
  • CUSTOMERS COLLECTION | When they can’t get no satisfaction
  • PUBLIC COLLECTION | Sidestepping stalkers & keeping your boundaries
  • FAMILY & FRIEND COLLECTION | When they don’t support your business
Plus! Two versions of every script:
One standard script & one creative.

Finding the right words has never been easier.

“In the 7 days since purchasing LBO, I have rocked out some scripts at least once a day. No more “Eeeek! What do I SAY?!” moments of paralysis; no more asking in every social group what to say, it’s all done, down and dusted.

Thanks Ash, you saved my sanity.”Jo Gifford


Don’t just say you’re the boss.
Be one.



More Praise & Props

“You make me feel like I have access to trade secrets.”

-Bill Genne

“As a student of every single class and product you’ve made, I can say you’ve singlehandedly saved me from the 9-5.”

-Jackie Pearce

“I treat my time like gold dust, so anything that’s super quick I’m in on. I went for LBO as it came over as a time saver. I started using it immediately. Having LBO there has been amazing…It’s especially good for the bits I’m sh*t at–like hooking in potential clients in a nice way [and] given me an extra boost for the things I’m good at–like giving amazing customer service and making people feel heard/important.”

-Jenny Jameson

“Though my situation was pretty specific, I still found the scripts to be extremely helpful in handling the crumbling of a partnership with a bit of grace. Now that I’ll be venturing off in a new direction, truly on my own, I know Love, Business Owner will have my back!”

-Vanessa Hannel

“I can’t believe how handy it is. I used to spend so much time crafting emails that weren’t particularly difficult, but for some reason always took me forever. But now, NOW I have a handy template for every situation. It completely eliminates the block of the blank page. It saves me time and makes me sound so much cooler than I am.”

-Alejandra Ortega

“I’ve sent three reply emails to an editor and got no response. Sent one from the LBO collection and he replied! THIS IS HAPPENING!”

-Williesha Morris

“Diving into your beautiful collection of scripts was wonderful. I know I’ll be diving in over the months/years to come whenever something tricky/sh*tty/unwieldy pops up. Also, just so you know, the interface is gorgeous and totally user-friendly–LOVE IT!”

-Jess Larsen

“Hands down, this is an awesome product! All the mental effort and anguish over how to craft the right email for each situation is completely ELIMINATED. I’ve already used a few, and saved a few hours of fumbling around trying to find the write words. Every single business owner in the world should have this resource, and use it on a weekly, if not daily basis. Communication is everything!”

-Shir Moscovitz

Confidence is always worth it.

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