You Don’t Have to Run Some Big, Cheesy Sale to Do Well

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Picture it:

Your loved ones are sitting around roasting chestnuts on an open fire, while you’re hunched over the (pumpkin-pie-greased) keyboard, biting your fingertips and worrying whether or not you’ll have enough money to pull through to January.

But what if you didn’t have to run some humongous holiday sale?
What if you didn’t have to put ALL the pressure on yourself?
What if you could make a few small changes and have it double your revenue in December-so January comes with ease?

Most business owners are running around trying to “capitalize on” Black Friday (ick), or Cyber Monday (gag), or Christmas, or the New Year. They put in a ton of work to try to get a windfall of sales during one small window of time…and then, either they’re gravely disappointed, or they get a few sales…but then have to think up something new again in a few weeks. (And let’s face it: Most people also make themselves look totally douchey.) To add insult to injury, running a big sale can also be accidentally damaging. What if you train your customers to wait for your services / your products / your stuff to go on sale…hurting your sales the rest of the year?

Here’s what I want for you:


Cool calm.

The headspace to contemplate your 2016 plans.



Blissful, sweet, leisurely, hours full of unstructured time that you gift to yourself in order to curl up with a pen, a Christmas sweater and a cup of (spiked) hot chocolate.


Doodling in notebooks.


Ideas for ways you can start laying the foundation for a brand that does the heavy lifting for you (get this right and you won’t have to run yourself ragged)

Plans for a strong, steady, reliable stream of revenue. (All the time, not just during sales.)

The luxury of being able to really think about what YOU want to do.

A promise to yourself to do it the way you secretly wish you could.

A newfound sense of control.


Knowledge you’ve got this one in the bag.

Childlike excitement.

Playful experiments.

And real, true bright-eyed optimism-like, the kind you get when the scale is accidentally 10 pounds lighter (ha), you win $100 bucks on a scratch off, and you bump into Brad Pitt at the airport. (If this has happened to you, I officially salute you.)

But even more importantly this holiday season, I want to encourage you to write words.

To take the leisure time to seek out just the right words for your website, for your product descriptions, for your bio…with the same delicate care as if you were tweezing a pearl out of the sand. (Or a Chanel lipstick out of a stocking?)

The right words are the change that can make a lasting, long-term, forever kind of difference for your bottom line-as opposed to a one-time catcall. They’re the face of any business, and yet, the most easily overlooked. Words are everyone’s secret weapon no one knew they had. People don’t buy a product; they buy the description of the product.

As someone who makes a living out of writing words, I know that sentences aren’t about writing; they’re about forming tiny little chains from your heart to theirs. And every sentence either makes a new chain, or breaks a previous one. Break enough chains, and it won’t matter how “good” your deal is; it won’t matter how “big” your sale is; it won’t matter how “great” your product is. They won’t be able to see past the thing that’s right in front of their face.

If you need help with this, or you don’t know what to write on your website, or you know your copy sucks, or you’re just not a very good writer in the first place, take my Six Appeal Process Emotional Writing Course. Please do. This will change the way you look at writing words forever. Cuddle up with me over the holidays and learn how to use words to move hearts…and profits. Bonus? This is a DIY, on-demand, wallet-friendly version of the live Six Appeal Process class that I offer each spring (which has limited student capacity and a significantly higher price tag), so you can curl up to learn (and apply what you’ve learned) while the weather outside is frightful. I know this will change things for you big time.

Very important note: Like you, I’ll be taking the last few weeks of the year to myself, too, and therefore I’ll be closing shop & removing the on-demand version from our store this Sunday, November 29th in preparation for 2016. If you’d like to take this on-demand course, please purchase The Six Appeal Process now. You can access the class anytime by logging in, even if you can’t get to it until after the holidays.

Steal these last few weeks of the year away as yours. Make it a tradition. Luxuriate in the things you haven’t had time to pay attention to. Let yourself get lost in language. Do it right. And make choosing the right words not a task, but a treat.

After all, you & your business need some me time, too.