I Hate Monday: Edition #0

IN: I Hate Monday

Welcome to the official I Hate Monday list of this week’s gems around the internet that are obviously way better than anything else you could possibly be doing today.

1. This girl’s voice. We met on Twitter the other day and just listening to her puts me in a creative mood. Art is everywhere, you know?  Sidetone: Why the *!*$? can’t I sing like that?

2. In case you live on a polygamist ranch and have no idea what’s happening in the outside world, Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book is out, called Big Magic – and it’s alllllll about the creative process. Favorite takeaway?

“And that’s the only reason Eat Pray Love didn’t throw me off my path as a writer— because of my deep and lifelong conviction that the results of my work don’t have much to do with me. I can only be in charge of producing the work itself. That’s a hard enough job. I refuse to take on additional jobs, such as trying to police what anybody thinks about my work once it leaves my desk. And…if people absolutely hate what you’ve created? Just smile sweetly and suggest— as politely as you possibly can— that they go make their own fucking art.”

3. “Speaking of books, have you ordered Michael Port’s book on public speaking like a god damn pro yet? Good lord, guy is gooooood. (And his soon-to-be wife is just as incredible.) He’s got a background in acting, which makes learning from him feel like he’s helping to make you a movie star—not just a “public speaker.”

4. This quote: “Life is too precious to spend it #writing tame, conventional stories to which you have no personal attachment.” —Tom Spanbauer

5. Are you a copywriter? I’m looking to form a list of whip smart, brilliant writers who both understand copywriting as a science, but who are also crazy creative. I get a lot of requests for quality referrals, and am looking for some great names to vet to add to my list. Enter your info here if this is you!

6. Did you see the movie After Words, with Marcia Gay Harden in Costa Rica? It’s a movie about a librarian who feels like she’s wasted her entire life, and the day she gets laid off, she takes off on a flight for Costa Rica seeking liberation at last. The movie takes place right here in my town where I have a seasonal home, right down the street from my house—and in fact, many of the people in the movie are friends of mine (including the naked couple in the waterfall!)

7. Do you dream of writing fiction? I’m in the process of reviewing this Masterclass with James Patterson where he teaches the art and craft of creating characters and getting published…and I’m loving it! After all, the guy holds the Guinness World Record for first person to sell over a million eBooks…and he drinks whiskey in the videos. What more could you want?

8. Want to make a few extra hundred bucks a week? Why not join our affiliate referral program? If you love TMF, you can help spread the word about our classes, workshops, books and products…and get a 50% commission on any sales you send our way—paid every single Friday like clockwork.

9. Schedule appointments / calls / lovemaking sessions for your business? You gotta (gotta gotta) check out Acuity Scheduling. Full disclosure: Acuity is a client of mine, BUT – I’m so happy to talk them up, because not only are they wonderful for appointment scheduling; we’re rolling out a huge new awesome payment feature that’s going to have the world talking like whoa. Sign up for a free account so you don’t miss it.

10. So, I’m kind of in love with this concept for people who suck at saving. Have money auto-withdrawn from your checking account into a separate account…so you can save for big dreams, without being able to touch it so darn easily. 😉

11. Apple made a pencil. Hide your kids, everybody.

12. Digging this online business. It’s interior design on demand, and I sooooo want to play with them.

13. This typewriter for your iPad…because if you can’t be Hemingway, at least you can look like him.

14. For those of us who are worried that cellulite is going to RUIN EVERYTHING about sitting on your ass all day working from home, I was pleased / terrified that Beachbody On Demand has now arrived…making it possible to torture myself right from my computer! (Both when I’m exercising and when I’m not exercising, thereby guilting myself for not exercising. Greatttttttttttt.)

15. Love when you see gorgeous quotes like the one below…but barely have the time to brush your teeth, let alone design these things? Buffer’s made a fun tool called Pablo (and of course I dig the Latin name.)

16. All I want to know about this product is: DO YOU SHIP TO COSTA RICA?

17. While we’re on the topic of desks…Did you know that Evernote now makes its own line of accessories? (Not gonna lie, I feel pretty smug knowing about that.)

18. Have a thousand screenshots on your desktop like I used to? This app for Mac cleans them off every day and puts them in a folder organized by month. I FEEL SO MUCH MORE ORGANIZED YOU GUYS. Like I have a nanny for my laptop. (Also useful if you give a lot of classes showing your screen like I do. One time, students saw a folder on my desktop labeled “Body Pictures,” which was hilarious because it made me look like a serial killer, when in reality, they were just workout progression pics of my muffin top. Whoops.)

19. Doing research for a presentation, a speech, a blog post a pitch…or a book? I just became obsessed with Ask Wonder, an online service specifically for handling research requests. It’s $19.99 a pop – but so worth it if it saves you hours of Googling!

20. Ever take on a project thinking you’ll have the time…but then realize you’re suddenly slammed and can barely breathe and life cannot go on like this! Check out Cushion – looks like a neat forecasting tool.

21. Looking for a hot new name for your business / product / service / feature? Here’s a fun tool to help you spark some ideas!