Are They Telling You You’re Crazy?

IN: Life

My best friend since the first grade (a brilliant graphic designer) just surprised me with this ever-so-cool poster, out of a post I recently wrote titled, “Battle Cry of the Crazies: For Anyone Hustling For More.”

Had to share.

And now, it’s Tuesday afternoon. I have a meeting with Miss Lit Agent (big plans coming up with the memoir–to be shared soon!), and I’m drinking champagne at the moment (which is the best idea I’ve had in a while.)  Tonight I’m teaching the very last week of the TMFproject Copywriting workshop (*tear!*). And tomorrow I’m bombing around Buenos Aires some more, breakin’ hearts and takin’ names, before heading back to Chile on Friday.

What are you up to today?

More appropriately, what are you doing that they would call you crazy for?

The crazier the better.


Hugs and a mark-inducing slap on the ass,


P.S. Got graphic design needs? Contact me and I’ll hook you up with Maria, who did this poster.

P.P.S. Please fucking pin that. I’m just so excited about it.