How to Land Your Dream Job—Without Any Prior Experience, Connections, And/Or Bribing The Boss With Your Boobs

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You don’t need to wait for someone else to “give you” the dream job, anymore.

That one where you travel the world, sourcing big, funky oversized silver jewelry and re-selling it in your shop.
That one where you photograph every luxury boutique hotel in the city and create your own guide.
That one where you design your own line of handbags, and start selling them in pop ups all over the United States.
The one where you create your own foreign language course and teaching methodology.
The one where you write your own weekly column for women.
The one where you start selling your art and strike it rich.

Whatever you wish you did for work, you can start doing today. There are no gatekeepers; no one to tell you that you aren’t ready; no one who stands in your way of success. The Internet has given you a lifetime, irrevocable license to do whatever work you’re called to do—and make a name for yourself.

The caveat, however, is that you have to actually start.