IN: Business 101

Here’s the thing about possibility.

It’s fucking endless.

We’ve got so much possibility, we don’t know what to do with it all. As members of the Western World, we can do a lot of whatever we dream. The problem occurs, however, when there are too many dreams to pick from.

And that’s when we get deer-in-the-headlights syndrome, and freeze up like idiots.

Because we’d rather make no choice, than make the wrong one.

But I believe that deep down–or not so deep down–you know which dream you really want.

You know which one.

All the other ones? They’re bullshit dreams. Filler dreams. Dreams that are more practical. Dreams that might produce more income. Dreams that might be easier to accomplish. Dreams that don’t make you risk as much.

But no matter what, they aren’t THE dream.

And even if you pursue them, you’ll forever feel empty, because you damn well know they aren’t.

By the way, I know that dream is a dumb word.

I know that somewhere along the way, this word became fluff. I know that somewhere along the way, it became looked upon as foolish to be a dreamer. And I know that even I flinch when I hear the word.

But that doesn’t mean you should discount the meaning behind the word.

So here’s what I think.

I think that we need to call bullshit on ourselves.

And here’s what I want us to do, starting tonight.

Chuck all the filler, bullshit dreams aside. Chuck the “explore the possibilites” happy horseshit. And instead, pinpoint–exactly–the ONE THING that’s making you feel like a loser, BECAUSE YOU AREN’T DOING IT.

That might sound harsh, but there’s something that’s making you feel like a total asshole, isn’t there? That one thing that you know you have the potential to do..but haven’t gotten started, for whatever reason.


And since I’m asking you to admit to your ONE THING, I’m going to do the same.

I have an admission to make. And that admission is that I haven’t been living up to my own standards. For me, there’s ONE THING that I have yet to do, that I feel like a huge loser for not having moved forward with.

Because (this kills me to say this)… I might be a little scared.

Nervous it won’t be good enough.

Good enough for me. 

And moreover, scared that I won’t be good enough, to make it good enough. Ever.

And worst of all, scared that, once I do accomplish this, there’ll be nothing left to pursue in this world. Nothing else to look forward to. Nothing else to bring meaning to my life. No other goals. Just emptiness.

And that emptiness is horrifically, bloodcurdling frightening.

But do it, I must.

And that?

Is to write.

By write, I don’t mean write copy. I do that every day, and I do it well. I mean write. I mean tell stories. I mean make people laugh. I mean add to the greater conversation. I mean take my experiences, and create meaning for others out of those experiences. I mean to help humanity connect. To help others feel like they aren’t alone.

I want to help others:

Live loudly. Live freely. Take more risk. Give a damn. Be ridiculous. Drink too much. Overwhelm themselves. Love other humans from other places. Learn from them. Engage with the world. Feel as much as they possibly can. Tremble with emotion. Pulsate with anticipation. Be happy already. Remember who they are. Realize they can do whatever the fuck they want. Get empowered. Have fun. Laugh like a crazy person. Remember what’s important. And what’s not. And, most of all, have a blast doing whatever it is they’re doing. Life is short. We’re all going to die soon. Have a good time. Make it worth it. Be who they yearn to be.

And maybe even have some great sex, too.

I want to write.

I want to write a book.

And dammit, I need it to be good.

It needs to EVERYTHING I’VE GOT. Otherwise, it’s bullshit.

So that’s my confession.

The one thing that I desperately need to do for my soul, that I haven’t, because I’m scared. There’s a million excuses I make for myself–well, I’m too busy with House of Moxie. And TMFproject. Well, I need income, don’t I? Well, it’ll get done little by little. Well, I don’t know exactly which direction I want to go with it.

It’s all bullshit.

Smoke screen.

Reasons not to have to get started. Because once I get started, that’ll mean I have to finish.

But I’m here, aren’t I? Right alongside you. So let’s do this motherfucker.

I’m in if you are.