Just The Tip: Are You Selling The Wrong Thing?

IN: Selling

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been guilty of making a list of “what’s included” that looks like this:

  • Modules!
  • PDFs!
  • Videos!
  • Audios of the Videos!
  • Transcripts of the Audios of the Videos!
  • Commentary on the transcripts of the Audios of the Videos!
  • A revolutionary new—drum roll— Facebook Group!
  • AND THERE’S MORE! Buy now and you’ll even get this Super Duper Industrial-Sized Egg Beater absolutely FREE!*

Reel it in, Billy Mays.

Nobody ever bought a bottle of Grey Goose because:  The wheat is harvested in August, the vodka is filtered through copper, it’s bottled with a cork, there’s 750 ml of liquid, it’s 40% alcohol by volume, at 80 proof, and you’ll even get this bunch of flying fucking geese on the label. (As fantastic as that is.)

Facts & features bore people.

It’s why you can’t find a Grey Goose ingredients list if you tried.

But rather, you find this, or this—neither of which say a word about vodka.

And a thousand about the person who drinks it.

How can you sell your customer on himself?  

 *Farm fresh eggs not included.