Take an Online Writing Class With Me This Week…On Demand!

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You know why we write words? Because the right ones change things.

The right ones carjack hearts. Move people. Make sales. Grow businesses. And change people’s lives—including your own.

The wrong ones, on the other hand, cock block all of that. (And by “cock block,” I mean prevent, deny, thwart, retard, hamper, hinder and hex the hell out of your efforts…just in case that wasn’t abundantly clear.)

Because when it comes to YOUR words – your website copy / your product descriptions / your book proposal / your client pitch / even what you tell people what you do, there is no middle ground.

Words are never just words.
They’re either helping you sell, or preventing you from selling. “Meh” is “no.”

And that’s fine, because we don’t do “meh” around here. Right?

That’s why you’re reading this, isn’t it?

It’s why you open my emails.

Why you read my emails.

Because you know that meh is a death sentence, and somehow, reading my words mayyyyyyybe inspires you to be less MEH. Less average. Less safe. (Because god knows if there’s anything I teach, both expressly and implied, it’s how to use your voice. Can I get a hell yeah up in here?)

In a world that’s HAPPY to tune out the noise, if you want to get heard, you’re going to have to learn the secrets to getting read.

To that end, I have an exciting update to share with you. This week, there are four ways you can learn how to use words as weapons, right alongside me from the comfort of your home / dungeon / brothel:

1. Miss The Six Appeal Process emotional writing class this year? Now you can grab an on-demand version for a limited period of time!

Deep dive into the psychology of words, focusing on the art (and science!) of creating emotional appeal with your writing—and seducing buyers sentence by sentence. (Creating an emotional connection is the #1 force behind buying psychology, after all.) Grab The Six Appeal Process On Demand, and go through the class with me and the students from the live class this past summer! (This class is usually only offered live once a year, so highly recommended you grab this one now, if you don’t want to wait until next summer.)

You’ll learn stuff like: Where does something’s worth come from? How do we assign value? How do you increase value? What is charisma? Can writing be charismatic? What makes you feel some pieces of writing more than other writing? What if the best way to convince was to stop trying to convince? What *really* makes someone buy or not buy?



2. Love words and trying to build a business as a freelance writer without starving to death?

Take Sentences & Money, my business class for writers—also usually only offered once a year, but now also now available ON DEMAND for a limited period of time due to high demand. Why write for peanuts when you could be making thousands of dollars a month? Whether you’re starting a baby writing business or you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll learn how I’ve consistently gotten an international roster of well-paying clients who come searching for me.

You’ll also learn stuff like: A process for differentiating (and elevating) yourself from every other writer who can write a decent sentence and wants to get paid for it, deciding how much to charge (and why), presenting your services in a way guaranteed to make people say, “YES,” how to get early-stage traction & make the phone ring off the hook—even when you’re still “a nobody”, what to say when they want to get on the phone and ask you point blank: “How much?”, how to get clients to spend double, triple or even quadruple the investment that they were going to otherwise—all with this little tweak, and learning how to run your business like a PRO.



3. Want to take The Six Appeal Process AND Sentences & Money?

I’ve made a special WRITER PRO bundle, just for you. Buy access to both writer training classes for a sexy discount. (Available to you special, through this link only.)

4. Just want the basics? Just getting started? Total beginner?

I’ve got you covered, boss. Grab my favorite quick ’n dirty signature crash course containing easy-to-learn secrets for writing the copy you need most…and even learn some serious design tricks for bootstrappers, too! (Because web design is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can afford not to look professional. We’ll teach you how to DIY your way through some basic graphic design!) It’s called Brandgasm 101, and it’s on mega sale right now for 50% off, ending this week.

You’ll learn stuff like: Crafting names, taglines, sales pages, headlines, teaser copy, elevator pitches, opt-ins, home page copy, about page copy, service offerings pages and more!



The truth is, it’s nearly impossible to stand out anymore. The world is drowning in a chaotic sea of info, blog posts, BS and pay attention to me! syndrome.

The deepest, darkest bottom line: People are HAPPY to tune you out.

And that means that now, more than ever, if you’re getting tuned out? Your profits (not to mention your ideas & dreams) are getting turned OFF. And the only ones who will be able to slip past the world’s high-security brain filters? Are the ones who know where to find the back door.