I Hate Monday: Edition #3

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Welcome to I Hate Monday, the most productive way for small business owners & bloggers to procrastinate until it’s not Monday anymore.

  1. By FAR this is my favorite thing on this list today: A video that shows what happens when people in other industries get asked to do free spec work first. DYING.
  2. Have you seen Dropbox Paper yet? They’ve finally jumped on the real-time collaboration band-wagon, à la Google Docs. Thank GOD. (One thing I do really like about it? The elegance of the checklists function.)
  3. FINALLY—an Uber-like app that lets you order rental cars to your doorstep. (You have no idea how many times I’ve needed this.) The name of the app—Skurt—makes me scrunch my nose a little bit, but everything else about the branding looks legitimate. Will have to give it a whirl!
  4. I’m not sure why this is such a feel-good video, but I totally loved watching this elephant use her trunk as a leaf blower to gather leaves for herself. Life must be a real bitch without hands, you know?
  5. Collins Dictionary has announced its top ten words for the year. My favorite is totally “manbod.” (No, spellcheck, not “manhood.” Get with the times!)
  6. Super disappointed that this Aussie wine ad to “taste the bush” got banned for being “offensive” and “degrading” to women. On the other hand, this shows that taking risks with your branding can really pay off. Though I might be inclined to think the same argument could apply.
  7. This new app mixes you a drink based on your Facebook profile…and the personality that your profile implies.
  8. Ridiculously good-looking model from Australia claims that social media is not real life (halle-fucking-lujah) and replaces her sponsored Instagram posts with captions that tell about the hell that she actually went through to get the perfect photo.
  9. THIS RESTAURANT ONLY SERVES CEREAL. I kind of love them. (Though my teenage self would have binged here more than I do at bloody mary bars.)
  10. I liked this piece. “It is far better to be exhausted from meaningful work than to be tired of doing nothing.”
  11. Feeling unsure of yourself? Scared? Nervous? Read this Quora thread of the bravest things ever witnessed for a heavy helping of balls.
  12. Already wondering what creative gifts you can give this holiday? Now, you can get someone’s tweets etched into a clay cuneiform tablet. (Which sounds incredibly pointless but might be considered thoughtful if that tweet were, say, the announcement of a newborn baby, or a newborn book, or a newborn idea.)
  13. By the way, tweeting can totally land you this job in the White House.
  14. Speaking of the White House, did you ever see this impromptu video of Obama strolling around, saying hey to folks he passed? “I’m trying to stay loose, man.” He’s a shining example of eloquence—and where eloquence can take you. (Also, besides the girl who actually asks “Are you real?” I think the second most important thing from this video is the fact that there are official White House M&M’s.)
  15. You thought your commute was bad? This girl goes from Mexico to Texas every day for school. (Is it weird I’m jealous of her passport stamps?) See the photo documentary here.
  16. This is, by far, the sexiest note-taking phone app I’ve seen. It makes me want to make to-do lists, you guys.
  17. “The simple way to get better at business writing? Don’t do business writing.”
  18. PUT DOWN THE GOD DAMN PHONE AND LOOK ME IN THE EYE. <—What I wish I could blurt out at least 500 times a day, give or take. Ever wonder why nobody’s pulling out their iPad over dinner?
  19. The ending of this piece felt incomplete, but at the same time, there’s something about it that still sends a lightning bolt of emotion through your eyeballs.
  20. Good news bears: The Federal Communications Commission is considering subsidizing broadband access for low-income families in order to make sure that technology doesn’t further perpetuate the haves and the have-nots when it comes to homework assignments for kids. Maybe someday, the internet will be free for all.
  21. For those of us who have lost people we love to fucking cancer, this story brings good news.
  22. This fictional podcast called Limetown, about three hundred men, children and women who disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be seen again, is a fantastic example of how creativity can provide value. Hint: Value can be enjoyment, too.
  23. Paypal’s made it easier to passively aggressively harass your friends for the money they owe you!
  24. Also? A bar full of nothing but alcoholic candies. Started by two 26 year olds. Who are definitely smarter than you or I. (Or more alcoholic?)


There we go. Politely piss off now, Monday. We’ll see you next week.


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