To Success Laced With Cherry Liquor + Lace. Yours, My Sweet Darling.

IN: Business 101


This is why I do what I do.

Just got these two emails in a row, and I wanted to share, because it’s uplifting for me, and I hope I can encourage and inspire you to do your own best work…so you can get your inbox flooded with these things, too.

It feels AMAZING. Amazing as in the light-headed, luscious feeling you used to get when you had that crush on that neighborhood boy. Or girl. Or your best friend’s older sister or brother. The moment you’d see them, you’d be overwhelmed with this sense that nothing else in the whole world mattered at all. 

Just. Them.

And that, right there, is how I feel about my business, and all of the amazing folks that hang out here at TMFproject.

Thank you.

I hope that reading the emails below helps inspire you to continue doing your best work.

Do not fucking slack off, my sweet darling. There is much in store for you. You were meant for more.

You’ve got this.

The risk is part of your genius.

To your sweet, sweet success, laced in cherry liquor and lace,