Unf*ckwithable BOSS | Online Business Development Program

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*enthusiastic drum roll por favor* 

Just kidding. I’d actually like an electronic harp, please. (Obviously superior.)

Ladies, gents, and pandas, it is my pleasure to announce that the all-new Unf*ckwithable Boss Online Business Development Program is now officially open.

If you ever wished that you and I could put our heads together over a bottle of wine, and work together for a series of weeks digging in hard and creating—or overhauling—your online business from start to finish, A-Z, this is for you.

As a thank you to you for being a part of The Middle Finger Project community, I’d like to invite you to join me with a special VIP code that will give you the equivalent of a 25% discount off the price of tuition. That code is: oneshotonelifenoregrets. Without the period, of course.

I truly hope this helps you come out absolutely swingin’ in 2017.

No matter what, you know I’ve got your back.

See you soon!