Feeling Alone? (Surprisingly NOT an Ad For an Escort.)

IN: Hard Stuff

I have a THESIS.

Remember that word?


Sounds smart, so I decided to make one.

You ready?

My thesis is this:

We’re all a little lonely inside.

And maybe outside, too.

Despite Twitter and Facebook, co-workers and colleagues, friends and family, and the thirty thousand nods, smiles and courtesies of strangers…

…There’s still a small part of you that feels companionless.

It’s a big, big world and you’ve got big, big ideas, and you’re doing it all with a big, big heart.

But it’s all too easy to feel small.





And maybe even a little scared.

Like late at night when you’re falling asleep, and the thought ricochets around in your skull that there’s still something missing.

What to do? Who to call? Which insane asylum to pick?

While I’m no expert on the subject, I’ve been doing this solo thing for a while–and much longer than I like to admit, given that it makes me feel old, and then I remember I have wrinkles, and then my mind darts to cellulite, and then I get urges to violently trip passersby in a misguided attempt at revenge on the universe.

Not like I’ve actually done that.

Anyway, over the years, I’ve come up with my own little cure for this kind of itis.

And you know what it is?

Not yoga. Or “connecting with nature.” Or hiring someone to speak to the dead. Or calling my high school boyfriend.

Rather, I call upon my group of go-tos.

The people that are on the same wavelength. Who get what you’re doing. Who know where you’re coming from, and can finish your thoughts.

I call upon them to remind me that I’m not alone. And to have a laugh. And to feel that connection with someone who makes me feel SEEN. Understood. And fucking sane.

This is why the private Facebook group for our copywriting workshop always is such a hit. This is why we’ve started another one for Brandgasm 101 students.

Because we’re in this together. And that’s not a line of bullshit. It’s a line of truth.

I’m supported by people every single day who make what I do possible.

And every single day we all come together to make it all possible. Through our actions, our skill sets, and most importantly, through our mutual support. 

It isn’t just me.

It could never be.

Because if there’s nothing else that I’ve learned along the way, the secret to a successful business?

Is to hire people who are smarter than you.

And that’s exactly what I do.

Hell, it’s even why I partnered with Shatterboxx to create Brandgasm. (You think I know how to create a graphic for the life of me?)

The key is in finding the right people who get who you are, and what you’re doing…

…and who will help you get to where you’re going.

Through their words. Through their ideas. Through their knowing glances. And through the mutual understanding that we’re only here on this planet one time around, and god dammit, we’re going to milk our turn for all that it’s worth.

So help us God, wine and every single fuck up we make along the way.