UNF*CKWITHABLE BOSS: Red Hot, Brand New, Business Development & Refinery Program. Now Open for Enrollment!

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Hang onto your pumpkin loafs! (By which I mean, eat all the pumpkin loaf and then get yo’ glasses on, because there’s big news in the house today.)

My brand-new business mentorship program has just rolled up in a Cadillac and is currently swigging vodka before making its debut onto the red carpet.

It’s called UNF*CKWITHABLE BOSS, and it’s here to change the face of modern work forever.

Unconventional name? Check. Unconventional purpose? Double check.

If you’ve been thinking about striking it out on your own—or, you’ve already started your very own small business and now you’re sitting there going, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?” this program was created to help you get it together from start to finish, have more fun than everybody else doing it, and come out absolutely swinging in 2017.

In case all the tags listed at the top of the post weren’t obnoxious enough (it encompasses ALL the categories I teach and write about, so as you can imagine I was very excited) this is the first comprehensive online business program I’ve ever developed, in part because you’ve asked me for my mentorship in this capacity, and in part because I’ve been a pioneer in the online business space since 2009…and now, it’s time to ante up, reach out, impact more people than ever, get them out of their dead end jobs, out of their uninspired careers, and help create a bigger movement around working for yourself—and living the way you want—and never having to rely on a job again.